• Two-day conducted estate sale
  • Three & four day sales conducted for larger estates
  • Organizing & displaying household contents for sale
  • Providing display tables & locking cases for valuables
  • Researching, inspecting & evaluating each item in the estate for sale
  • Pricing items
  • Professional interior signage: directional, informational & safety
  • Advertising & promotion of the sale including newspaper ads, website posting with photos, weekly emails to approximately 3000 subscribers, personal alerts & professional outdoor signage
  • Obtaining proper permits
  • Staffing the sale with qualified staff members
  • Our friendly & knowledgable staff answers technical questions, tests electronics & electrical devices, takes apart & loads large items for customers
  • Our staff “works” the floor encouraging sales
  • Using a silent bid system to encourage the sale of higher priced or slow moving items
  • Providing bags & wrapping paper for purchases
  • No cash upfront. Commission comes out of proceeds
  • List of all items sold for $50 or more provided at time of payment

Our reputation for honesty, integrity, flexibility, and creative problem solving is well known, as is our ability to work closely with other professionals you may retain such as senior referral agencies, attorneys, accountants, and real estate agents. Our company policy is to show kindness, caring, and compassion for the families, along with respect for the property involved, and to make the liquidation of personal property as easy as possible for executors, conservators and family members.

Heritage Estate Sales is a full service company. Especially important to our out-of-area clients, we coordinate charity and third-party hauler pick ups after the sale. We specialize in completely emptying the home.


  • Honesty, integrity & reliability
  • Personalized, caring service
  • Authoritative research ensuring the best possible prices for your possessions
  • Our excellent reputation brings many hundreds of qualified buyers to your sale
  • Over 60 years of combined experience with antiques, collectibles & household goods
  • Complete service-we accept all items in the estate for sale
  • We don’t own or operate an antique business or storefront
  • We attract a strong following of buyers-our reputation earns more money for you!
  • Friendly, uniformed Staff Members
  • A fresh, enthusiastic approach to estate liquidation
  • Unique “Special Touches” that set our sales apart from all the others
  • We do not double-book estate sales in the same weekend


  • Tag and inventory every item with price and provide final inventory report showing sales price received
  • Organize and arrange sale items to best showcase your possessions in  your residence
  • Price items at fair market value for quick sale, thoroughly researching unique and special items
  • Place photos of sale items on our website to attract buyers
  • Advertise via email to over 3000 registered estate sale buyers, internet, and the newspaper to maximize results
  • Have a warm, friendly, professional staff to assist buyers
  • No obligation consultation and personal visit
  • Use professional and attractive signage, when allowed, to guide buyers to your sale
  • Accept Visa/Mastercard and Debit cards to make shopping more convenient for buyers
  • Remove and dispose of unsold items according to your wishes
  • Leave home broom-clean

There are no upfront fees. Our commission comes out of the proceeds of the estate sale.  Following the sale, our clients receive a sales inventory and payment within 10 business days.

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